Room Operations Center




Proactively manage your system of

connected rooms from any device.

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Minimize Operating Costs

Realize immediate and measurable savings through an occupancy-based energy management eco-system

Increase Staff Productivity

Leverage our full suite of tools and dashboards to give your staff access to real time data on room occupancy and system performance

Minimize Lifecycle System Costs

Reduce the cost of installing, maintaining and managing your room control system through ROC’s simplified, wireless infrastructure

Improve the Guest Experience

Give your guests complete control of the in-room environment and systems at their fingertips


Turn-key Solutions for Today’s In-Room Environment

Evolve has developed a flexible, completely turn-key platform that combines intelligent in-room controls with simple to use cloud-based software to create memorable guest experiences while reducing costs.

This platform is known as ROC, or the Room Operations Center.

ROC is a hosted solution that gives you the ability to centrally manage the guest room experience across all of your properties from any web-enabled device, including mobile phones, tablets, and computers.  ROC is secure and reliable, with a scalable architecture that adapts to meet the business requirements of any property and naturally grows as those requirements continue to change.

Lean, Wireless Infrastructure

  • 100% managed, cloud-based infrastructure hosted securely on Microsoft Azure
  • Considerably reduced electrical and network infrastructure with significant cost savings
  • Wireless, low powered device communication impervious to interference from Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies
  • Ideal for both new builds and retrofits
  • Simple, quick, and effective installation

Empower your workforce and reduce operating costs using ROC’s built-in Insight software.