Evolve solutions work seamlessly with our partners who

specialize in Guest Services, PMS, and Building Management

to support increased hotel revenue and customer loyalty.

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Access to our customer’s connected spaces is not limited to just Evolve. We realize the power of mutual connectivity to create memorable guest experiences using both Evolve solutions and our partner’s solutions. Via our Partner API (Application Programming Interface), we provide our partner’s with the ability to connect to, monitor and control our mutual customer’s connected spaces.

Our mutual customer is as important to us as they are to you. So, when it comes to integrating our solutions at a property, we provide you with the support needed to integrate seamlessly.

If you are interested in joining our partner community, please Contact Us.


Fingi is a branded, white-label application that allows guests to use a smartphone to control every aspect of their stay – from all in-room elements and instant ordering of hotel services to direct communication with the hotel and the outside world. Evolve Controls serves as the room control layer within their application and was most recently implemented at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C.

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INTELITY is the global provider of the most advanced hospitality technology platform for the hotel, casino, cruise, and luxury residential markets. INTELITY offers its customers comprehensive end-to-end solutions to manage guest experience and staff operations, in a single platform. In 2018, INTELITY merged with KEYPR yielding a combined 15 years of hospitality experience, rapid growth, and the most complete hospitality technology platform on the market.



Nevotek offers a suite of convergence solutions designed to work together to improve the building experience. All Nevotek’s solutions are IP-based and work with existing building and IT systems and facilities, providing the ultimate flexibility and customization. Evolve works closely with Nevotek in regards to their in-room guest services tablet and V/IP Connect for PMS integration.

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UTC brings technologies from across all their brands to improve building efficiency and occupant experience. They combine cutting-edge HVAC with intuitive software to minimize energy consumption, maximize comfort and enhance productivity in the building automation space. Evolve provides that extra layer of seeing what’s going on inside each guest room and not just the building.

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Volara provides voice-based guest engagement software running on in-room hardware like the Amazon Echo. The integration of Amazon Alexa voice control allows hotel guests using the Evolve, voice control over climate, lighting, shading/drapery, and amenities services.

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Evolve integrates with iRiS Software System’s guest experience platform to provide guests with instant digital access to power room controls, as well as food and beverage ordering and service requests.

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As a Microsoft Partner, we are able to develop, package, and deploy powerful hospitality solutions to the cloud with Azure Cloud Services. Azure allows Evolve to never worry about patching, faulty hardware, or network issues. Azure Cloud Services is designed for us to deploy our web-based solutions without maintenance windows or downtime resulting in a much improved customer experience.

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