Lighting Control




Give your guests complete control over in-room lighting and

significantly reduce energy costs through our complete line of

lighting control products.

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Optimize The Guest Experience

From the moment a guest enters the room, lighting can be the best way to deliver an experience that makes a lasting impression and differentiates your property in a competitive marketplace. Through Evolve’s integrated lighting control solutions, you can make sure that light levels are optimized when guests enter their room at any time, while also enabling guests to completely control their in-room lighting through a variety of unique scenes based on their desired mood.

As stated in the Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS), lighting can account for nearly half of total hotel electricity usage, and many of today’s hotels do not take advantage of available technologies and strategies that can reduce energy use by 20% to 50%. By allowing guests to control lighting when they are in the room – and by ensuring that lighting is automatically controlled when they are not – you can deliver a memorable guest experience while significantly reducing electricity costs.

Our complete line of lighting control products, including switches, dimmers, scene controllers and receptacles, are all fully integrated into our Room Operations Center (ROC). Our solutions reduce operating costs by reducing overall lighting expenses, and providing your staff with complete visibility into room occupancy and lighting performance at any time.

All of our lighting control products are designed to meet today’s rigorous energy codes and standards.



The Evolve wireless control solution makes a fully integrated
in-room control platform within reach.
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Core Lighting Devices


Switches & Dimmers

Evolve switches and dimmers provide the flexibility to design the optimal in-room lighting system to engage today’s eco-conscious customer.


Scene Controllers

Our completely programmable scene controllers provide your guests with the ability to control up to 5 scenes, per page, to create the ideal in-room environment.


Outlets & Plug-In Modules

Install an Evolve smart outlet, or convert a standard outlet to a smart outlet via an Evolve plug-in module to ensure that all in-room devices can be controlled by your guests.