Evolve Guest Interface

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The newest innovation from Evolve Controls.

Empower your guests with our powerful 8-inch

Windows/Intel-based IoT gateway touch controller.

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Improve Guest Experience

Empower your guests to control multiple functions in the room, including climate, lighting, shading controls, and more.

Enhance Your Image

Providing a thoughtful guest experience can help you gain loyalty from guests, and a competitive edge.

Advance Your Security

TPM and Remote Management mitigate the collection of data.

Reduce Device Count

With reduced devices, you can now do more with less, while achieving a cleaner, sleeker, more high-tech look.

Touchscreen Controller Wall Mount

Enhance the Guest Experience

Integrating a thoughtful application of technology will empower your guests to control multiple functions in the room, including climate, lighting and shading controls, and more.

Implementing a cutting-edge, high-tech experience helps you:

  • Show that you are integrated with the tastes and preferences of your guests.
  • Gain a competitive advantage in terms of service.
  • Build loyalty, from implementing a thoughtful, personalized, high-tech experience.

Branding Opportunities

The main view/welcome screen of the eGI is configurable to include your hotel’s branding elements, such as your logo, colors, main image, as well as a custom hotel-wide message.

In addition, the digital clock automatically syncs with our cloud server, eliminating the manual process of updating clocks in guest rooms. With the eGI, guests can change brightness settings, and set an alarm – eliminating the need for a separate alarm clock.

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Climate Screen

Advanced Security

TPM Security and Evolve Controls Remote Management mitigate the collection of data. In addition, the eGI takes advantage of a stable and secure Microsoft software stack, including Windows OS, IoT Software, and the Azure Cloud application and data software.

Over-the-Air (OTA) updates enables Evolve to provide remote management, remote security updates, security patches, and automatic functionality updates.


How do you dim or “wake up” the screen?
To dim the screen:  Simply tap the brightness icon located in the upper right on the welcome/home screen.
To “wakeup” the screen:  Simply tap anywhere on the screen.

If there is a long power outage and eGI turns off, how does eGI turn back on?
eGI will automatically power on and load the proper user interface.  No action is required by the user to bring eGI back online from an extended power outage.

Will eGI work if the internet is down?
Yes, local room controls will continue to work without an internet connection.

Am I being video taped?
No. There is no camera on this device or any component of the Evolve Controls system.

Can I get on the internet?
No. Guests can only access the room controls interface.

Does eGI collect, store and/or distribute personal information of guests?
No. eGI does not contain or record guest personal information.  In addition, security countermeasures have been enabled and multiple levels of the Evolve Controls’ Room Operations Center Platform.

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