Climate Control




Manage operating costs and reduce energy consumption through

occupancy-based HVAC management without sacrificing comfort

and performance.

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Energy Management, Delivered

Guest rooms make up 50% to 90% of the conditioned area within a hotel, and today’s building management systems are rarely designed to optimize system performance of individual guest rooms. Guest rooms represent the greatest opportunities to reduce energy use in the hospitality sector, and the quickest, easiest way to realize energy savings is through better management of guest room occupancy.

Through our line of occupancy detection products, guest rooms can automatically switch to an energy saving mode when guests vacate. Whether through our in-room occupancy sensors or keycard readers, Evolve immediately detects when rooms are unoccupied and automatically adjusts the in-room climate to help curb these increasing energy costs while entertaining today’s eco-conscious customer.

Evolve implements complete occupancy-based energy management solutions that have been verified by utilities, energy consultants, and hotel brands nationally to reduce energy costs up to 30%.


Reduce guest room energy costs up to 30 percent and achieve an ROI of 2-3 years.



Comply with today's energy codes and standards, access rebate and incentive funding, and
earn valuable industry recognition for superior energy and sustainability performance.
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Take Control Over In-Room Systems

Occupancy Sensors

The thermostat occupancy setback interaction is used in conjunction with the motion sensor, door sensor, or keycard reader to considerably reduce wasted energy.


Smart Thermostats

Our complete line of thermostats and temperature sensors are designed to control the majority of HVAC systems and are compliant with Title 24 requirements.


HVAC Controllers

The Evolve HVAC Controller is an all-in-one design that controls the in-room temperature and setback logic of a majority of HVAC systems.