To effect any changes to the Room Details page, you must first unlock it to protect against any accidental room adjustments that could jeopardize the guest experience.



Is the in-room ROC module connected or not? If not, the room may be experiencing wireless network issues that require further troubleshooting, but rest assured, the in-room devices are unaffected.



All available lighting and climate scenes are displayed in tiles and will update over the air as new scene are created or removed. Selecting any scene will immediately change the room’s state to better accommodate the guest’s mood.



Home to guest room policy violations for offline devices, low battery devices, or devices with configuration issues. Replace an offline device or redeploy configurations in a matter of minutes to ensure the room remains in sync.



Here is a list of all the devices found within the guest room. View and adjust the current ambient temperature or the thermostat setbacks. Lighting devices will display their current status and allow for individual on/off dimming control.

Proactively Manage Your System and Reduce Operating Costs

Manager is designed with today’s hotel engineering team in mind. Our highly intuitive user interface allows your staff to quickly
monitor system performance, diagnose potential problems and take corrective action before it impacts your guests.


With Manager, reduce the need to dispatch costly service calls by providing your operations team with complete transparency into system and device performance at their fingertips.  Take corrective action directly through Manager from your mobile device, tablet or PC

Device Management

Reduce operating costs by taking Manager with you on a phone, tablet or smartwatch and add, remove, troubleshoot, or replace non-communicating devices within minutes

Remote Access

Access system performance data anywhere, anytime and from any connected device.  Manager allows your staff to quickly diagnose potential problems and make the right decisions with minimal impact to your guests

Minimal Training

Quickly enable your staff to access system data and make informed decisions through our highly intuitive, easy to use system requiring minimal internal staff training


Our complete diagnostic package takes the guessing out of system performance, and allows your staff to focus on what’s most important. Perform in-room system diagnostics from any device

Dedicated Support

Evolve staff is available 24/7 to provide system support, in addition to, an effective support ticket management system and a knowledge base filled with useful information

Scheduled Maintenance

Schedule system maintenance based on actual performance data and insight, resulting in streamlined operations and reducing unnecessary service calls

Easy Troubleshooting

Access system performance information at your fingertips from any device, and quickly identify potential problems